Available data sets and observations

The variety of buoy types is large and depends strongly on the aims and interests of the partners of the program and their research and monitoring interests. Accordingly, also spatial and temporal coverage of the data allows a wide range. However, position (and thus drift speed and direction), surface and air temperature, as well as atmospheric pressure are most common and observed by most platforms. These data sets are then often transferred into the GTS.

Live data and latest observations

Most data of active buoys are currently collected and processed in the data portal of meereisportal.de. The portal provides and visualizes live (raw) data and observations of buoys since 2013. Furthermore, meta data and deployment documentations are available.

Previous data

Buoy measurements from the Antarctic sea ice zone before 2012 are currently only available through direct contact of us and other partners. However, we are working on a reliable data collection and aim to provide these data through this web page or another data portal or archive as soon as possible.